Growing & Developing, Everyday.

Our Values

We operate with the utmost level of integrity while representing our clients’ brand.  We are also dedicated to our employees’ growth by training and developing our staff and giving them the tools to pave the path to their ideal future.  Being able to help develop and mold not only ones professional career but to assist their personal growth is something that we pride ourselves here at Alpha Marketing and we believe this separates our company apart from the rest as we continue to create life-long friends and business partners.  We teach a variety of every day skills that can be used in business and our company strongly believes in developing our people into the future leaders that will help continue to assist the growth of our organization to a global scale.


Our unique and innovative direct marketing approach helps define our company apart from everyday billboards and TV advertisements that are commonly brushed to the side.  The direct face to face contact and personal touch we bring to every customer interaction is an impression that’s guaranteed to make a difference.


As we continue to grow our presence throughout the country and expand into different markets with multiple Fortune 100 clients, we will continue to provide our own employees huge growth opportunities where our top leaders can advance into management roles.  Our goal is to become one of the fastest growing sales and marketing organizations in the U.S. by spreading its roots, expanding across the country into multiple states and even expanding internationally by the close of the year 2020.

Our Focus

Alpha Marketing focuses on the growth and benefits for three parties:  our clients, the company, and the individuals who work here at Alpha Marketing. We aim to continue to help our existing clients grow and expand their brands with our direct sales approach.  We are also dedicated to the personal and professional development of our associates.