For anyone in leadership, you have to find out what is really motivating people. What lights their fire? What makes them get up in the morning? Once you know what is driving them–why they are on your team, what they hope to achieve–then leading becomes much more fluid and natural. It’s the difference between trying to pedal a car on your own (say, using extra charm or direct commands) versus letting the engine do the work. It’s the difference between a company that is run efficiently and one that is built on an underlayer of your own personal effort…and maybe how much you pay people.

The reason this is so important is that, as a leader, if you can tap into the right motivations–a process that requires time, empathy, communication, and awareness–then you unleash something utterly foundational and core to great leadership. It’s why an employee wants to do the work. It’s the true driving force, their inner passion.

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